In-Nisa (The Women) Cut Out Vessels. 

In-Nisa Cut Out Vessels are reminiscent of rock formations and female forms. Raw clay is exposed and process revealed in the surface. They are layered, weathered, rough and smooth. They play with balance, asymmettry and negative space.

The process of making Cut Outs is one of relinquishing control, I meticulously hand build vessels and then cut them quickly using nylon fishing thread. The thread finds the quickest route through the clay. The process involves risk, many pots are condemned, each piece is unpredictable and unique. 

Every vessel has a unique character and name. From 'G─žonella' which are reminiscent of the traditional black, whale-bone-structured outfits worn by women in Malta, to 'G─žarusa' (the brides). They are displayed in groups called 'In-Nisa' (the women). 

Cut Out Vessels
Various sizes. Can be bought as individual vases or bottles or as sculptural groupings. 

Photography by Tamin Jones and Alex Parkinson